Paintball is a team sports played in two fields by two different teams who struggle to succeed in a predetermined “goal”, usually that of conquering the opponent team’ s flag, by terminating the rivals one by one and finally get the crown of the winner, etc. For the successful fulfillment of this goal, each player has to “mark” (eliminate the other team’ s players) having as a means the so – called “markers” (paintball’ s main “weapon”) along with paintballs.

Paintball is a small taw made of biodegradable materials that contains water soluble paint (watercolour). The outer casing of the taw is made of a soft gelatine / tissue that is cracked after having gained the necessary acceleration when the paintball strikes against a solid or tough surface or even a player, leaving this surface with the “mark”.


A marker is paintball’ s initially used device that contributes to the opponent player’ s marking. This device needs filling with a gas (usually compressed air HPA or CO2 ) to extrude the paintball through a barrel with an average velocity of 100m/sec. This velocity is adequate for the majority of paintballs so as to crack on the opponent but at the same time not too fast so as to do any harm.

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