The basic equipment along with the services which guarantee your safety and the full satisfaction of the game itself are provided within the full equipment’ s rental package. Those are:

  • Marker Tippmann Tango One type
  • Mask (Goggles) JT Elite Rental Anti – Fog type
  • Free of charge tank’s filling with compressed air
  • Existence of qualified referee in each field
  • Neck protector
  • Half finger gloves
  • Chest protection (optional)
  • 200 paintballs
  • An extra carriage belt with 2 pods.

** Free coffee for all our players


Full equipment rental
Monday - Friday Saturday – Sunday (and Feast Days)
20€ 25€


If you have your own equipment
Monday - Friday Saturday – Sunday (and Feast Days)
5€ 5€


  • 100 paintballs: 4€
  • Tiger suit: 5€
  • Extras: Extra paintballs:15€ Only for players with their own equipment!


You can reserve a field online by filling this form.

Note: In order for your reservation to be valid it is necessary to deposit at least 80€ into the bank account. The booking is officially completed only after getting into telephone contact for the final approval of the field’s availability.

Watch Out: In case of preprogrammed game’s cancellation due to our fault or to bad weather conditions, the game is postponed. In case of a preprogrammed game’s cancellation due to your personal reasons, the fore payment is not rebated without any game’ s postponement.

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